12th Man Roll | Seahawks Superbowl 2.0

In honor of the Seahawks clenching the NFC West title once more and the 12th man’s relentless support we present the 12th Man Roll.  Drop by our Covington or Tukwila location(s) and order yours today.  The skittle spicy sauce on top is phenomenal.

In: Spicy Tuna, Ebi and Cucumber
Out: Super White Tuna, Green Masago, and Skittle Sauce


100% Grass Fed Beef | Pure, Simple & Delicious!

Mizu Steakhouse is built around family, friends, unique memories and quality ingredients. We constantly strive to provide the best ingredients to our customers not only because it is the right thing to do but because it is our responsibility to do so. We have put in place specific goals for 2014 all striving towards us serving the best ingredients possible. Provided here will be synopses of our three main goals to give you a better understanding of the changes in the sauces, meat and vegetables.

The first goal will be possibly the most beneficial to a widespread selection of customers, the transition to gluten free sauces. Today that is perhaps the most asked for thing all over the world due to the discovery of celiac disease (intolerance to gluten substances).

Orion Beer | Okinawa - Available at our Covington and Tukwila locations.

Mizu Steakhouse is now proudly offering Orion Beer from Okinawa.  It is currently available at our Tukwila and Covington locations.

Orion Breweries, Ltd. (オリオンビール株式会社 Orion Bīru Kabushiki Gaisha?) is the 5th largest beer brewery in Japan, headquartered in UrasoeOkinawa Prefecture. The company commands approximately 1% of the Japanese beer market. However, it controls over 50% of the beer market on Okinawa.

“There’s only one full-size Okinawan brewery, and Orion Breweries churns out 72 million liters of fresh beer each year to please the palates of Okinawan beer drinkers” (Charles, 2010). Orion Beer is “characterized by a crisp refreshing feel and mild taste. The alcohol content is 5.0%. Hops used to create this beer are Hallertaurer hops from Germany and the malt is carefully selected from the highest quality European and Australian varieties” (Orion Beer Co., Ltd., 2012).

Orion uses water that “comes from springs” out of the mountain “just behind the brewery” (Charles, 2010). Like many breweries, Orion likes to give some credit for the quality of its beer to the source of its water. Orion also has its own ingredients and techniques that could be what makes it special.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orion_Breweries


We are in the process of adopting gluten-free ingredients to our menu for those who want to choose a gluten-free diet!  A gluten-free diet is a diet completely free of gluten which is a protein found in wheat.  Anyone should consider a gluten-free diet because it promotes health and results in weight loss! In a Forbes article, it illustrates to readers that “many people find that their health improves dramatically if they scrumptiously avoid wheat…”

Our first step is with soy sauce.  We currently provide low sodium soy sauce at our Tukwila and Covington locations.  We are pushing our distributors to find gluten free manufactures of soy sauce that can provide large quantities.  This is so we can use this ingredient for all of our sauces.  For the time being (small step) we will make “small bottles” of gluten free soy sauce available at our Tukwila and Covington locations.  Feel free to ask any of our servers or chefs if you would like your meal prepared with gluten free soy sauce.

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